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Training is mandatory for all beginners and allows you to ride a quad bike in the knowledge that you are completely safe.

Your supervisor will teach you how to evaluate and negotiate every kind of terrain. You will learn all about each of the different surfaces that you will encounter. Your progression over more difficult terrains will make it easy for you to manoeuvre the quad bike with ease, and therefore in all safety.

You will learn how to accelerate, brake, negotiate slaloms, large rocks and bumps, how to maintain your balance all the things which will help you enjoy your experience to the fullest.

Your supervisor will adapt your training according to your aptitude and abilities.

Our multi-lingual team is on hand at all times and guarantees you a learning environment which is adapted to your level and wishes, which allows you to learn and develop at your own pace.

Our fleet of quad bikes of 125cc and 300cc is checked daily to ensure maximum safety at all times, and all bikes are serviced regularly throughout the year.