Frequently Asked Questions

I have never done the quad biking, how does it work?

Rest assured, most of our customers are beginners. Before starting out, we take the time to explain the procedures of the tour, safety rules and we make you do a tour test.

This time varies from 10 to 40 minutes depending on how comfortable you are driving. It is not deducted from the time of your tour.

Then, for your security, the first 15 minutes the speed of your quad bike is limited (you have the minimum of power), the time you get used to driving. Then your instructor will give you more power throughout the tour.

Please note that all our tours are at a progressive difficulty. We take the necessary time to get you prepared to drive safely your quad bike and enjoy your tour.


Will I need my driving license?

For our quad biking tours you won’t need your driver's license.


At what age can children participate in the quad biking tours?

Starting from the Age 6 a child can be a passenger on the quad bike behind an adult. For more safety and comfort we place bags in the back on the quad bike for the child for more protection.

A child over 12 can drive his own quad bike, however before deciding the child just like any other participant takes a test ride on the quad bike to judge his ability to drive.


Is quad biking dangerous?

The quad biking is a risky activity; however it is not dangerous if you follow the rules and instructions of security from your monitor throughout your tour.


Can we do the quad biking tour while it rains?

We can organize your quad biking tour even when it rains, we provide you with the right equipment and the landscapes are just as beautiful. However in cases of extreme bad weather, we contact you to arrange an alternative date for your tour.


Safety rules

The tour is not a competition.

Each tour is supervised by the tour guide. Participants should not exceed the vehicle nor leave the track used by the main guide.

The participant must follow the instructions of the guide and complies with safety regulations.

Overtaking is strictly forbidden.

Acrobatics and free style (figures) are strictly prohibited.

The participant must respect the safety distance between each quad bike. (5 to 10 meters).

The participant agrees to inform the guide if he feels that he does not have a good control of his vehicle.